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NOC Basketball Attendance Policy (Feb. 1)

Starting Feb. 1, NOC is allowing fans on a very limited basis to basketball games.

NOC policy states that all participants will adhere to Northern Oklahoma College Pandemic Policies. Facemasks will be required at all times while in the fieldhouse. Those in attendance need to maintain social distance of at minimum 6 feet and use hand sanitizers.

To comply with NJCAA Region 2 Guidelines, the gymnasium will be limited to 25% of maximum seating capacity. Due to distances required around the team benches, cheer squad, and pep band, the maximum number of fans allowed in the gym for each game will be 165 people in Tonkawa and 180 people in Enid. There will be no general admission or season tickets issued.

Each student athlete including cheerleaders will receive two complimentary (free) passes for each contest. NOC coaches must provide the office of athletics the completed pass list by 9 a. m. on gameday or the Friday before weekend games. NOC coaches and athletic administration will be allowed two tickets per game to share with recruiters or others. Advance requests for a press pass for sportswriters and photographers will be honored. NOC will provide the required 20 tickets per team for visiting opponents. These visitors will sit in a designated area.

There will be 20 free tickets available through a lottery system each game for NOC students and NOC employees to be placed on the pass list. There will also be a lottery of 20 free tickets for alumni, community members and friends of the College. Those wishing to be in the ticket pass drawing should complete the lottery form online

Those selected will be notified by 9 a.m. on gameday or the Friday before weekend games. Each guest will submit to non-contact temperature screening of less than 100.4 to be allowed entrance to venue. Guests must present an ID to match the name listed on the pass list to receive a complimentary bracelet to be allowed admission. The bracelet must be worn and visible throughout the contest. The bracelet only allows admission to games on a specific date.

Concessions will not be available this season and there will be no food or drink allowed in the gym. Guests will enter the main doors and exit the designated exit following contest. Tonkawa; Guests will exit Southeast doors. Enid Guests will exit Northwest doors.

A separate set of guidelines is in place for athletes, coaches, officials, and the scorers’ table per NJCAA Region 2 rules. These guidelines are shared with these respective groups.

To ensure the safety of our students, staff, and visiting teams Northern Oklahoma College respectfully requests guests attending the games to fully cooperate with the protocols described above.

Most home games and electronic programs should be streamed for online viewing for those unable to attend in person. Plan is subject to change and updated as needed. For more information, please contact student affairs at, 580.628.6240 (Enid/Tonkawa) or athletic director at, 580.628.6345 (Tonkawa), or 580.548.2345 (Enid).