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Social Science Division

Message from the Division Chair:

Who are you, really? How did you come to be who you are? What importance do you hold in the world? Are others like you? These are the questions of the Social Sciences. Understanding why people do what they do is the task of psychology. Looking into the past to find how others, great and common alike, met the challenges that we now face are found in the stories of history. Sociology helps you understand your place in the world, how you connect to your community and what the others expect of you. Add a description of how the powers of our society organize through a study of political science, raising your children comes from a study of Child Development, and being sure they are law abiding citizens is part of Criminal Justice. Add them all together and you are on your way to discovering who you are, how you fit into the world and how you might improve both.

The Division of Social Science administers degrees in Social Science, Behavioral Science, Criminal Justice and Child Development. Each degree is transferable to area colleges and the social science division has articulations agreements will the public colleges. Thus, you will no longer have to take courses that do not transfer to your chosen four-year school. The articulation also transfers widely nationwide. The advisors in Social Science will assist each student in the process of selecting the best alternative for his/her associates degree and assist with each student’s transfer. If I or any member of our faculty can be of service to you, please contact us through phone or email.

Darrell Frost Division Chair, Social Science Division