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Social Sciences

Career facts

The social sciences, in general, are concerned with the behavior of people under varying circumstances.  For example, history examines the behavior of societies through time, geography studies behavior in space, and psychology considers individual behavior.  


In addition to the general education requirements, an AA in Social Sciences focuses on courses in Psychology and Sociology with electives in Native American Culture, Human Sexuality, Marriage/Family, Ethics, Economics, and Political Issues.  


Social Services

Who is a good fit?

Students who have good observation skills will enjoy studying human behavior and trends.  Strong observation skills are necessary to predict trends and see developing patterns.  Communication and interpersonal skills are required for this major as well as reading and interpreting tables, charts, and graphs. 

2016-2025 OK labor market projections

Social Studies Teacher – Bachelor’s Degree
Median Salary – $17.35/hr.
Growth – 9%
10 year change in jobs – 399

Lawyers – Doctoral or Professional Degree
Median Salary – $41.97/hr
Growth – 10%
10 year change in jobs – 999