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Troy Cochran

Delta Kappa Epsilon Advisor
Region 2 Vice President


Membership is open for any person who is currently enrolled in a program of study at Northern Oklahoma College and is interested in the criminal justice system.  You do not need to be a criminal justice major to join!

The criminal justice society operates on the Northern Oklahoma College campus as an official student organization.  In 2018 we re-established membership in the American Criminal Justice Association and require members to join.  Dues cost $40 for initial year and then $35 annually.




Criminal Justice Society

The Criminal Justice Society is a student-led organization open to all NOC students on any campus.  We are also apart of the American Criminal Justice Association (ACJA) Lambda Alpha Epison (LAE) as a subordinate chapter as Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE). 

Purpose of the Organization

  • Promote the goals and mission of Northern Oklahoma College.
  • Provide service to the College, students, and the surrounding community.
  • Improve criminal justice through education.
  • Foster professionalism in the criminal justice personnel and agencies.
  • Promote professional, academic, and public awareness of criminal justice issues.
  • Encourage the establishment and expansion of higher education and professional training in criminal justice.
  • Provide a unified voice for students interested in the criminal justice system

The criminal justice society typically holds weekly meetings on campus led by students with an advisor present.  We do community service projects, on campus activies and sponser field trips to relevant criminal justice locations. We also compete as part of the ACJA in regional and national competitions in events like knowlege exams, physical agility, crime scene investigation, and firearms.

Campus Funding Criteria
To remain a student organization in good standing and receive $500 every year from Office of Student Affairs certain criteria must be met.

  1. Must hold at least 8 general meetings per academic year
  2. Provide a copy of those minutes and roll for each meeting to Office of Student Affairs.
  3. Must sponsor one (1) community service event per academic year.
  4. Must sponsor one (1) campus activity per academic year.

Criminal Justice Society Campus Activities

Criminal Justice Socity Community Service Projects

Criminal Justice Society sponsored field trips

American Criminal Justice Association (ACJA) Lambda Alpha Epsilon