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Emergency Alert System


Northern Oklahoma College implemented an emergency alert system in 2012 to ensure the safety of all students and employees during an emergency situation. The NOC Rave Alert provides a simple, yet powerful, hosted communication platform that allows the College to communicate with users via multiple modes of message delivery. Messages can be sent to cell phones, land-lines, college email addresses and social media.



Northern faculty, staff and students are automatically signed up for the “NOC Alert”. If you need to make changes to your account, add a number or opt out, please sign into myNOC. After logging in with your username and password, click on the tab that reads “NOC Alert”, and then click on the “Alert” icon. You will be asked to “Agree to the Terms”, then the screen following will allow you to add or change numbers and/or emails (your NOC email will always remain the same and cannot be deleted from your account). Click the “Help” tab for information on how to opt out.



NOC conducts a test of this system the first day of each month. If you do not receive a test text message on your cell phone, please contact the Webmaster at 580.628.6330. If you receive the test text message and no longer want to receive these messages, you can opt out by logging on to myNOC, click the “NOC Alert” tab and follow the online instructions. If you opt out, you will still receive email messages since you cannot unsubscribe to your NOC email address.


With the alert system, you can add extra numbers (home, parents, family members, a second line, etc.). You will not only get your notifications via text and email, but now you will receive an actual phone call that will leave you a message.


In the event of a campus emergency, Northern Oklahoma College may use a variety of tools to communicate to the campus and the public. Depending on the nature of the emergency, NOC may use all or some of the following:

  • Text and Voice Alerts – NOC will use the RAVE Alert System
  • College Group Email – The College may send “emergency” emails to the entire campus providing notifications during an emergency.
  • Social Media – NOC will use Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools to provide updates on campus closures or emergency situations.
  • Campus Monitors – NOC has the ability to provide emergency notifications via the campus message boards in many of the buildings and residential housing.
  • Local Media – The NOC Public Information office works with local media – radio, television, newspapers — to help announce and update campus closures or emergency situations.
  • Calling Trees – Many divisions, departments and student organizations have call trees in place to notify their employees and students of an emergency situation.
  • Campus Safety Website – You may want to bookmark this page, which provides links to a variety of safety information and will be updated with details during actual emergencies or campus closures.