Information Technology

Mission Statement
Information and Instructional Technology at Northern Oklahoma College covers many areas such as computing, media, interactive television, wireless, classroom instruction, and telephone services for each of our three campuses. It's a complex and rapidly changing environment that demands constant review and innovation. Our goal is to continually enhance the resources and expertise of the college community in support of its role in maintaining an exceptional learning environment for Northern Oklahoma College students. 


The IT Department will be upgrading the data closet in Harold Hall on the Tonkawa campus starting on May 18th. Due to this installation internet and telephone service will be unavailable.

How to Secure Your Mobile Device

The Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) recently released Smartphone Checker designed to help the many smartphone owners who aren't protected against mobile security threats. Click here to access the Smartphone Security Checker by completing 10 quick and customized steps to secure your mobile device.

To learn more about mobile phone security, please visit For more cyber resources and tip, please visit

Campus Downloading:  

Music and movies are protected by copyright.  The unauthorized downloading or uploading of music or movies is actionable as copyright infringement. 

Downloading Information