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Microsoft Office 365 (Windows or MAC)

Save on Software Technology Products

Through the relationship with one of NOC’s software vendors, NOC Faculty, Staff and Students can purchase software and other products at a greatly reduced price for your personal use.

You must be a current Faculty, Staff Member or Student of NOC to take advantage of this pricing.  The following are details on how to verify this information with JourneyEd.

Proof of Academic Status:

You will need to provide proof of your academic status.  No order will be shipped until a valid academic ID is received.  You can place your order at any time.  JourneyEd will place your order on “hold” until they receive your valid academic ID.  Upon receipt of your academic ID, they will ship out your order.

Acceptable Forms of Academic Proof: (any one of the following) 

  • Dated Student ID Card
  • Dated Faculty ID Card
  • Dated, current class schedule
  • Letter from school on school letterhead
  • Recent faculty/staff payment stub (please black out salary information)
  • Proof of affiliation with the U.S. Air Force or DoD affiliation, as listed above.

How to Send Your Academic Proof:

  • FAX:  972-481-2150
  • EMAIL:  Send to  (Attach proof to email.  Attachment must be 300KB’s or smaller.  Larger sized emails will not be accepted.)
  • MAIL:  Journey, 13755 Hutton Drive, Suite 500, Dallas, TX  75234

If you already have an order placed you can upload your verification here.

If you have any questions please contact their Customer Support Office at 800-874-9001.