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Workforce Data

Advisory Boards Strengthen Degree Programs

Knowing what employers are looking for in potential employees is important and Northern Oklahoma College uses that information to shape its degree programs. To ensure that NOC graduates possess the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the workforce, NOC utilizes advisory boards in the following areas: Agriculture; Behavioral Science; Business; Criminal Justice; Digital Media; Health, Physical Education, and Recreation; Mass Communications; Nursing, Pre-Engineering, Process Technology, and Respiratory Therapy. 

Advisory boards meet a minimum of once a year, bringing together not only industry partners but also representatives from bachelor-granting institutions to discuss transfer issues. Advisory board partners review admission criteria for  programs that require a separate application and report employment opportunities within their organizations.  All advisory board partners are also asked about internship opportunities, when applicable, and are asked to give feedback on any curriculum changes, often suggesting new course objectives that will better prepare graduates for the workforce.

NOC Tracks Labor Market Projections for Each Degree Area

Because Oklahoma’s higher education and career technology systems are separate, unlike all other states in the nation, Oklahoma community colleges offer fewer direct-to-workforce degrees; however, NOC tracks regional and state labor market needs for both workforce and transfer degrees to assist students in making career choices. 

In addition, labor market information is gathered for programs such as Respiratory Therapy from sources such as O*Net OnLine to detail common work tasks, technology skills needed, and related work styles and values. NOC also maintains membership and representation in local development authorities and area chambers of commerce to remain updated on local workforce needs.

NOC lists labor market projections on the website in each degree area for types of jobs available, median salary, and growth potential in field, and students research this information further as part of a careers assignment in their required Freshman Orientation class.












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