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International Students

International Students on their first day of classes.

In this picture, a student walks through the hallway.

Two students speak to each other in the hallway.

Saudi National Day Celebration

Two students at our Saudi National Day Celebration

Mohammed (left) and Yasir (right) entertain the audience while giving facts about Saudi National Day.

Northern Oklahoma College:

Northern Oklahoma College is a state 2-year college that provides high quality, accessible, and affordable educational opportunities and services. The main campus is located at Tonkawa, Oklahoma, a city of approximately 4,000 people, about 90 miles north of Oklahoma City.  The campus in Enid is located about 100 miles northwest of Oklahoma City on the east side of Enid, Oklahoma.  The campus in Stillwater is located about 75 miles northeast of Oklahoma City in Stillwater directly across the street from Oklahoma State University.  All four seasons are felt in Oklahoma with extremes ranging from 38 degrees C in summer to –18 degrees C in the winter.  The average precipitation is about 30 inches per year.  The college academic calendar consists of a fall semester (August-December) a spring semester (January-May) and a summer semester (May-July).