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International Student Advisory Board

Mission Statement

The mission of International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) is to improve international students’ experience at Northern Oklahoma College by providing feedback to programs and services on campus. ISAB will offer suggestions and serve as a bridge between the international student body and the administration from different areas of Northern Oklahoma College.


Members: The International Student Advisory Board is composed of approximately 9 members who will be recruited in the fall to start serving the remainder of the year. Chair and Secretary will be selected after the board member recruitment. All international degree-seeking students are encouraged to apply. See more details in Application Requirement.

Chair: The Chair is responsible for the overall management of ISAB, including leading all the ISAB meetings. The Chair is serving as an approachable point of contact for international students and the organizational advisor.

Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for taking meeting minutes and distribute them to all ISAB members through email. The Secretary also facilitates communication and other relevant ISAB updates to all relevant stakeholders on campus.

Advisor: The Coordinator of International Students will be the organizational advisor to ensure the ISAB’s adherence to its mission, supervise its activities, facilitate connections to other departments, and provide administrative and financial support.

Time Commitment

ISAB members will be expected to serve consecutive 2 semesters in an academic year. However, members can choose to serve on the board for more than two semesters through reapplication. The ISAB will meet 2 times per semester for 1 hour and 30 minutes at mutually decided dates and time. The ISAB will be responsible for reserving a room for the meetings. Additional meetings may be necessary between some or all of the members. Other students or representatives from the university may be invited as guests to the meetings; the NOC staff members may attend meetings as appropriate.

Responsibilities and Benefits

Roles: ISAB agendas will be created to lead the discussion around key topics focused on international student services and programs, and the overall international student experience on campus.

Responsibilities: ISAB members are expected to:
•Attend all meetings: Members who miss two meetings will be asked to leave the board.
•Communicate between meetings through email based on the meeting minutes.
•Provide experience, information, perception and support about the international student experience.
•Encourage other international students to give feedback to international student events through online forms, emails and Facebook group on ISAB website.
•Attend a minimum of two multicultural events every semester.
•Shape the short-term and long-term objectives of ISAB.

Benefits: ISAB members will:
•Improve their leadership and intercultural communication skills.
•Gain advising experience and advocacy.
•Obtain practical experience in student affairs and international education.
•Have opportunities to directly interact and build relationships with diverse groups on campus.

Application Process

Application Requirement:Undergraduate students who meet all the following requirements are eligible to apply:
•Holding an F-1 visa
•Current enrolled in Northern Oklahoma College
•Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.75

Applicants have to submit the online application form before due the date. The application forms will be available on August 15, 2016. The Coordinator of International Students will review all applications.