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We’re pleased that you’re considering becoming a part of the NOC community.

We recognize that attending college in another country can be both thrilling and intimidating, so we want to do everything we can to answer your questions, guide you through the application process, and welcome you to our campus.

Our international student population continues to grow each year. While our students represent a variety of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences, they are all engaged in the culture of Northern Oklahoma College.

To start your journey, please follow the directions below.


Academic Records:
Official transcripts of the applicant’s entire academic record in secondary school and college, including grades received each year of study, degree certificates, and examination certificates. Transfer applicants must have been enrolled in and completed 12 credit hours or more each semester and present evidence of a 2.00 grade-point average (on a 4.00 system).  Transcripts from outside of the United States must be submitted to World Education Services for conversion into the United States system.  Students may look at for information.

English Proficiency Certification:
All applicants whose native language is not English must present proof of English proficiency in the form of test scores on the TOEFL. A minimum score of 500 (Paper Based test); 173 (Computer Based Test); or 61 (Internet Based test) is required.  Provisional admission may be granted at NOC’s discretion if the applicant has scored 460 or the IELTS equivalent, and has studied at an approved English language school for a minimum of 12 weeks after taking the TOEFL.

Financial Statement:

Before being admitted to Northern Oklahoma College, an international student must provide specific documentary evidence of sufficient funds to cover each year of his/her intended stay. See the Estimate of Expenses. Documentary evidence of financial support must be returned with the application for admission.

Insurance Verification:

Because the cost of medical care in the U.S. is usually much higher than in other countries, all international students are required to purchase insurance before registering for classes. Verification of insurance is required. Here are some options that you use:

The Harbour Group

International Student Insurance

ISO Student Health Insurance

Collegiate Care


EJ Smith Insurance


A $5000.00 cash deposit, which includes a non-refundable $15.00 international fee, is required before a student may enroll for classes. This deposit represents payment for tuition, fees, and room and board until deposit is depleted. At that time, the student is responsible for any outstanding and future balance. An I-20 will not be issued until the deposit has been received at Northern Oklahoma College. Visa, MasterCard, Cashier’s Check or Money Order payable to Northern Oklahoma College are accepted.

Residence Hall Information:

Visit Residence Hall Life – Please Note: Stillwater students will have to apply for on-campus housing through the Oklahoma State University Residential Life office.

Part-time Employment:

The United States Immigration laws do not permit an international student to accept employment off–campus unless U. S. Immigration has issued a work permit. If available, part-time employment (no more than 20 hours a week) is allowed on campus if the international student has a social security card.

Students arriving in the U. S. with an I-20 issued by Northern are responsible for their own transportation to the Northern campus. Northern does not have a transit service.

International students admitted to Northern Oklahoma College must be enrolled and complete 12 credit hours each semester and must carry a 2.00-grade point average (grade of C) each semester to stay in-status. Loss of student status results in a violation of immigration status