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Fall 2021 Course Options for NOC

NOC will offer multiple course formats for Fall 2021 with options to match the students’ learning style while continuing to follow CDC guidelines for a safe learning environment.

Note: Some courses may offer a combination of formats (e.g. traditional in-person or live online depending on the students’ location).

In-Person Classes
  • Courses meet at designated times on one of NOC’s campuses.
  • Instructors are available for live instruction and office hours to assist with classroom questions, tutoring, and/or advisement.
  • Institutional attendance requirements must be met.
  • Students interact with the instructor and other students in the classroom setting and may engage with peers and staff in other social settings, including through clubs and organizations while maintaining social distancing.
  • A selection of coursework (including most labs, Fine Arts classes, HPER classes, and other coursework for which activities rely more on face-to-face instruction will be offered in this format with a contingency plan in place to move to online should CDC safety standards require.)
  • Social distancing guidelines will be applied with assigned seating to limit risk.
  • As needed for distancing, courses such as lab sciences will alternate days of attendance and virtual labs.
  • Technology needed: Computer with reliable WiFi
Live Online Courese
  • Courses meet at designated times (synchronous) but students access courses through clicking on a Zoom link.
  • Students may request appointments via Zoom during instructor office hours.
  • Institutional attendance requirements are met by students connecting during scheduled class time or in some cases with in-person attendance with social distancing guidelines followed.
  • Students are able to see the instructor and most classmates on the computer screen in individual windows, and instructors can share their teaching screens with students to see what would have been on whiteboards in traditional class settings.
  • Students interact with the instructor and other students online during real class time, engage in classroom discussion to ask questions of the instructor or other students, and can use the Chat function to post questions.
  • For lab science courses, labs may be integrated into class as a virtual or “complete at home” option, or students may be required to attend an onsite lab session as noted in schedule. 
  • Technology needed: Computer with camera and mic and reliable WiFi
Online Classes
  • Courses are taught through the Blackboard learning management site, where instructors may post any of the following: course notes, class videos, assignment sheets, etc.
  • Institutional attendance requirements are met by students submitting work and participating in online discussions.
  • Students have deadlines throughout the course but do have some flexibility in when to access materials and complete assignments.
  • Students do not typically interact with the instructor or other students in real time, but may use online tools such as the discussion board for online interaction and be asked to read and respond to classmates’ posts.
  • Instructors are available via email for questions about course material.
  • For lab science courses, all labs will be either virtual or “complete at home”.
  • Technology needed: Computer with reliable WiFi

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