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05.19.2020 – NOC’s Comeback Plan: Guiding Principles as we Welcome Back the NOC Family

The safety of the Northern family is NOC’s highest priority. Implementing safety protocols and requirements, and conducting ourselves in responsible manners as we reintegrate into our buildings, offices, classrooms, labs and other spaces to serve our students and community will be key to the success of the plan.

  • Stay home and contact your supervisor if you have symptoms of illness and seek professional medical care if needed.
  • Employees who seek a workplace accommodation due to having a high-risk medical condition as defined by the CDC for the COVID-19 virus and Oklahoma guidelines should contact Human Resources.
  • Wear a face covering at all times, unless an employee is working in their personal single office and greater than 6-feet from other individuals. Wash or sanitize hands each time, before and after, touching face or face covering.  Any person not wearing a face covering or abiding to social distancing requirements will be asked to leave the facility.  Physical/social distancing of 6-feet, or until such time as that recommendation is changed, must be maintained by all people on NOC property.

Employee Guidelines

Whenever possible, in-person meetings should be replaced with virtual meetings. Essential in-person meetings should be limited.  All attendees should wear face coverings and social distancing should be maintained. The standard room capacity for meeting rooms and personal offices will be reduced to ensure at least 6-feet of space between all participants.When possible, tables and chairs will be removed to support proper social distancing. Cleaning supplies will be available to disinfect work surfaces or frequently touched areas.  Meeting times should be held to a minimum to accomplish the meeting objectives. Employees should not linger and socialize after essential meetings.Meeting attendees should clean and disinfect all table surfaces, chairs, and computer equipment at the conclusion of each meeting. Cleaning supplies will be available in all conference rooms.

Student/Visitor Guidelines

Earlier this month, Northern Oklahoma College announced plans of a phased reopening of its campuses starting June 1. The timetable for employees returning back to work will reduce the number of people on campus through June and July, thus allowing better preparations for students in August. The college has previously stated it plans to resume in-person classes on all campus locations for the fall 2020 semester. NOC will also continue to offer both online classes and virtual live courses for those students who prefer distance education options this fall.The college will have detailed plans on what classroom sizes, structures and class schedules will look like later this summer. Additionally, detailed plans on campus housing, activities and events will also be shared when finalized. In the phased reopening, most employees will conclude teleworking and return to campus on June 1 following social distancing and CDC guidelines. This plan aligns with phase three of the state’s reopening date for all workplaces while also considering the needs of vulnerable populations. All NOC campuses will observe summer hours of operation working Monday through Thursday from May 11 through July 30, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Normal hours of operation will resume August 3, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Summer Sessions with two options of synchronous Zoom (virtual live) or online are being offered to follow CDC guidelines: Early 6-week courses began May 11 and Early 4-week courses begin June 8; Late 6-week courses begin June 22 and Late 4-week courses begin July 6. Enrollment appointments are currently conducted by email, via Zoom, or over the phone (please leave a voicemail). Students needing to enroll in person may make appointments through the enrollment management office. Until further notice, anyone on NOC property including students, faculty, staff, vendors, and visitors are required to wear face coverings while at NOC locations unless working alone in a personal office space.  Everyone should also maintain 6 feet of social distancing. 

Prior to June 1

  • All NOC locations will continue to be closed to the public, but can be accessed by appointment with NOC employees if necessary for enrollment and testing. Academic advisement and tutoring will be available via Zoom throughout the summer.
  • All college-related events, both on-campus and off, scheduled are suspended unless otherwise approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • All non-college events, i.e., civic club meetings, reunions, weddings, camps, luncheons/banquets, on all three campuses are suspended.
  • Most employees will continue to telework. Supervisors will advise those employees whose functions cannot be performed remotely and require on-campus work.
  • Common areas and employee breakrooms remain closed.

 Beginning June 1

  • All NOC locations will continue to be closed to the public, but can be accessed by appointment with NOC staff if necessary for enrollment, testing, tutoring and individual campus tours.
  • All college-related events, both on-campus and off, are suspended unless otherwise approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • All non-college events, i.e., civic club meetings, reunions, weddings, camps, luncheons/banquets, on all three campuses are suspended.
  • Most staff will conclude teleworking and return to work on campus. Supervisors will make accommodations for the vulnerable populations.
  • Faculty teaching summer school may continue to work from home to instruct and advise online via Zoom.
  • Common areas and employee breakrooms will open for individual usage with social distancing guidelines. Water fountains and ice machines will remain turned off.
  • Physical Plant staff will provide daily disinfecting for classroom spaces, common areas, and public spaces.
  • Offices and individual employees are responsible for daily cleaning of office desks, tables, shared equipment, personal items, and space within the office environment. If you need additional cleaning supplies, please contact physical plant.

 Beginning July 1

  • Faculty teaching summer school return to work on campus for advisement.
  • NOC will evaluate adding events (both college-related and non-college related) for July 1 and beyond on a case-by-case basis. All approved events must adhere to current social distancing, CDC guidelines and NOC protocols.
  • NOC will evaluate hours of operation and safety procedures for all campus facilities for July 1 and beyond.

NOC protocols are effective until amended in writing.

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