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10.08.2020 – NOC Pandemic Response Plan Update

Northern Family,

NOC continues to update its pandemic response plan as needed to reflect new guidelines from the health and scientific community, as well as input from all of our constituencies. In the newly-posted Pandemic Response Plan, updated 10.8.2020, clarifications have been made in the following areas to further describe plans that are in place for safety:

  • Updated Table of Contents which is interactive/responsive
  • Updated the fall 2020 and spring 2021 instructional calendar (see attached Spring 2021 Academic Calendar Important Dates.pdf)
  • Updated additional COVID-19 resources
  • Updated residence halls (Tonkawa/Enid) spring semester adjusted opening
  • Updated fall 2020 Tonkawa 60 consecutive practice dates for athletics
  • Updated fall 2020 Enid 60 consecutive practice dates for athletics
  • Added fall 2020 athletic teams scrimmages

Northern Oklahoma College will continue reporting weekly on positive cases and required quarantine cases associated with students, faculty and staff. The Weekly Pandemic Situation Update will be posted on the emergency page by the close of the business day each Friday to keep the campus community informed.

Plans for the Operation of Northern Oklahoma College in preparation for, and during the 2020-2021 academic year are subject to change based on current COVID-19 conditions. NOC protocols are effective until amended in writing. Announcements and updated information will be posted when they are available on the college website at