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03.25.2022 – NOC Pandemic Response Plan Update

Northern Family,
According to data, the Omicron variant has peaked and case numbers are declining significantly. The past four NOC weekly reports showed 0 on-campus positive cases. This along with the general downward trend nationally has led the Executive Council to relax the restrictions with the Pandemic.
We are eliminating the 70% reduced occupancy on large indoor events at the College allowing us to plan accordingly for events such as the Roustabouts Benefit concert, Commencement, Nurses Pinning ceremony, Academic Awards Receptions, and other large events this spring and summer. We will continue to do tracking of students and employees that test positive from COVID, and have them isolate. Also, unvaccinated individuals that have been in contact with positive COVID individuals will be asked to quarantine themselves for five days. The Weekly Pandemic Situation Update will be posted on the emergency page by the close of the business day each Friday to keep the campus community informed.
We are looking forward to the remainder of the spring semester by providing a “back to normal college experience” as much as possible. NOC still encourages the use of masks indoors in public, especially in situations in which social distancing is not possible and for activities with close contact with others IF you are not fully vaccinated or have weakened immune systems.
We will continue to encourage everyone to take personal responsibility in following recommended guidelines, as only through a collective, cooperative effort can we help protect our campus community. If you have not been vaccinated, if you need the second shot in a series, or are eligible for a booster shot, we encourage you to make an appointment with University Health Services (NOC Stillwater); or Kay County Health Department on campus every second and fourth Monday (NOC Tonkawa); or Garfield County Health Department scheduled periodically – on campus April 12 (NOC Enid).
The information in our attached pandemic plan as well as on our Emergency page outlines expectations of NOC students and employees. This is not only to protect your health, but the health of our entire community. Your continued support of these guidelines is appreciated.
As always, thank you for what you have done to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases. We are looking forward to celebrating the end of the spring semester on a positive note.
Plans for the Operation of Northern Oklahoma College in preparation for, and during the 2021-2022 academic year are subject to change based on current COVID-19 conditions. NOC protocols are effective until amended in writing. Announcements and updated information will be posted when they are available on the college website at