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Tutoring Reimbursement

Having Trouble in a Class?  Need help outside of the tutoring that is already available from NOC?  Did you know your GI Bill benefits can help pay for tutoring??

MOST GI Bill educational benefit recipients can receive a reimbursement for tutoring costs.  This is a supplement to your regular GI Bill benefits.

CHAPTER 1607 (REAP) recipients are not eligible at this time.  All other  GI Bill chapters will help with tutoring costs.


-You must be enrolled at least half-time.

-The student must have a  deficiency in a course that is part of your approved program of education.  Usually this would mean we need a recommendation from your instructor for pursuing the tutoring.

-You must be currently enrolled in the course you are seeking tutoring for.  No tutoring during breaks between semesters will be reimbursed by the VA.


-The maximum allowed payment is up to $100 per month.

-The maximum benefit per student per benefit program is $1200.

-There is NO CHARGE to your entitlement under chapters 33 and 35.

-Under Chapters 30 and 1606, there will be no charge to your entitlement for the first $600 of tutoring assistance paid.

-The person providing tutoring must be approved by the school, and cannot be a close relative of the student.

-Not sure if the tutor you want to use is approved?  Call us at (580) 628-6227 and we will help you find out.

-This is a REIMBURSEMENT program.  So, you would have to pay the tutor and keep copies of some sort of invoice from the tutor.  Then you and the tutor will need to fill out a form called a 1990-T which NOC will send to the VA.  The form can be filled out at the end of each month, or group of months.

1990-T  Application for Individualized Tutorial Assistance