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  • The ACT test was developed by the American College Testing Program.
  • The ACT exam has four sections: english, mathematics, reading and science.
  • The maximum score is a 36.
  • The ACT test is used to screen college applicants.
  • All students are required to have a National ACT or Residual ACT for course placement as part of the admission process.
  • If ACT scores are more than 3 years old, a new ACT exam must be taken for placement. (SAT scores can be used in place of a National or Residual ACT).


Some other reasons a student might need an ACT are:


  • Applying for scholarships
  • Concurrent enrollment students
  • Health Science majors
  • Removing course deficiencies


There are two types of ACT (National and On-Campus).


National ACT:


The National ACT, National SAT or NOC On-Campus ACT is a requirement of all incoming freshmen to Northern Oklahoma College. If ACT/SAT scores are more than 3 years old or below a 19 in any subject area you have the option to enrolled based on those ACT/SAT score or challenge that score by taking the ACT sub section exam in that specific subject area for placement into courses. Only admitted NOC students may take the On-Campus ACT once per semester (Fall, Spring, & Summer) and the ACT Challenge Exam in a specific subject area once per semester. On-Campus ACT costs $60 and On-Campus ACT subject challenge exam costs $15 per subject area per attempt. There is a 3 day waiting period between attempts to allow for test prep to take place, see below. Allow 4 hours to complete the On-Campus ACT. Extended time on each sub section are as follows.  70 minutes for English, 90 minutes for Math, and 55 minutes for Reading or Science. Must bring a legible, valid and acceptable photo ID, pencils, and calculator for all ACT testing. All students (including Concurrent) may challenge any ACT sub-score below 19 by taking an On-Campus ACT Challenge Exam in that specific subject area. Transfer students will be placed into courses according to their transcripts from other educational institutions (sub section testing may be needed).  On-Campus ACT scores are specific to the institution in which you tested and cannot be transferred to another institution. National ACT scores can be transferred from one institution to another.


  • Register for the National ACT at
  • Register for the on-campus ACT or the  ACT Challenge Exam at
  • All Testing is by appointment only
  • Photo ID is required for all testing


ACT “CollegeReady” test prep is available by contacting any of the testing coordinators listed below.



No On-Campus ACT tests are given in the month of October due to the exchange of materials.

Because the ACT test is so important and can have such a huge impact on your future, be as prepared as possible before testing. You may wish to visit,,, or for help preparing for the ACT.


To schedule a test, visit our online scheduling system by clicking on the Register Blast/Testing link above.



ACT Score Course Number Content Area
0-14 ENGL 0123 – Basic Composition
15-18 ENGL 1113 – Freshman Composition I w/Supplement ENGL 0122
19+ ENGL 1113 – Freshman Composition I
Non-Stem Track Refer to your specific degree sheet to determine the math courses required for your degree. Contact your Advisor if you are not sure.
0-18 MATH 1493 – Math Applications w/ Supplement MATH 0021
MATH 1483 – Math Functions w/ Supplement MATH 0031 (OSU Transfer Student) MATH 2023 Statistics  (Must complete MATH 1483 or 1493 first)
19+ MATH 2023 – Statistics 
MATH 1483 – Math Functions (OSU transfer only)
Stem Track
0-16 MATH 0123 – Pre College Algebra
17-18 MATH 1513 – College Algebra w/ Supplement MATH 0122
19+ MATH 1513 – College Algebra
26-27 MATH 1613 – Trigonometry
28-36 MATH 2145 – Calculus I
0-18 READ 0123 – Critical Read/Science Reasoning
19+ College level work
0-18 READ 0123 – Critical Read/Science Reasoning
19+ College level work