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Testing Center Policies for Examinees



  • Examinees must make an appointment for testing to ensure a spot is available. However, walk-ins are welcomed space and time permitting.  To schedule an exam using our online scheduling system RegisterBlast, visit and choose the appropriate campus link.
  • All tests require legible, valid and acceptable photo identification to take an exam. Acceptable forms of ID are: School (College or HS), Driver’s License, State or Federal issued, Passport, Military or Tribal Photo ID.  Make sure you bring what is required for the specific exam you are taking.
  • Some exams require a fee.  Please check with each individual exam to see fee and acceptable payment methods.  We accept cash, check, money order and debit cards with a PIN number, no credit cards.
  • Examinees are not allowed to bring cell phones, smart watches, ipads, laptops, cameras, listening devices, purses, backpacks, hats and/or any other electronic device or personal item to the testing station. All items must be put away.
  • No children or guest of the testing candidate are allowed in the testing room.  Children are not allowed to be left unattended on college property.
  • Under no circumstances are examinees permitted to print, copy, take photos or remove exam materials by any means from the premises.
  • Examinees must keep noise at a minimum for the benefit of other examinees and talking among examinees is not allowed.
  • Examinees are not permitted to leave the testing room once testing has begun until the test is finished.  No bathroom breaks are permitted (emergencies excluded or medically approved) unless the rules for that test allow breaks or you have been granted permission from the Testing Coordinator.
  • Rescheduling of Instructor Authorized exam/assignments once completion date has expired, will require instructor approval and instructor notification to the Testing Coordinator before exam/assignment can be administered. Examinee is responsible for rescheduling of their appointment.
  • Cheating is not allowed. Examinees engaging in prohibited behavior will result in being asked to stop testing, dismissed from the Testing Center and their instructor or their attending institution will be notified if found cheating.
  • No Goggling allowed.
  • Requests from individuals with disabilities for an accommodation necessary for testing services must be made in advance with documentation provided by