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Distance Education Exams (Other Institutions)

Distance Education Exams (Other Institutions)

Are you a student taking courses at another college/university besides NOC, but need an exam administered in a proctored, secured environment?  NOC can provide this service to any student needing an exam administered.  The process for having an exam proctored is:

  • If no form needs to be signed, simply provide your college or university with the information of the individual listed under the contact information for the campus that you want to test.
  • If a form needs to be signed by the proctor, call the proctor for a scheduled time to sign the necessary paper work.
  • The college or university will then provide the proctor with your exam in whatever format it may come.
  • To schedule your exam, go to the Testing Home page and choose the appropriate campus link.  This will take you to the Register Blast scheduling sight.
  • When arriving for the scheduled exam, the examinee must present a photo ID before testing.
  • A $20.00 charge per exam to NOC is required.  Payment to NOC can be with cash, check, money order or debit card with a pin number.