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Exploring Renewables – Out Reach Activities for Students and Teachers

KidWind Challenge

Northern Oklahom College is proud to host the following KidWind activities and the State Championship for the KidWind Challenge on our Campus.

KidWind is a national organization that supports the KidWind Challenge is a program designed to help students and teachers explore the world of renewable energy.

Teacher Development Workshops – Explore Renewable Energy – PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGES DUE TO COVID

Power Up Your Summer

Explore the science and technology behind Oklahoma’s fastest-growing energy sector, wind and solar power. Students will be introduced to the various forms of energy, focusing on the transformation of wind, solar, and hydropower into the usable electricity that powers our homes. Throughout the day students will participate in various activities and design projects that allow them to first-hand work with solar power, e.g. building solar fountains and cars, optimizing electrical production using wind power, building and designing wind turbines, and finally applying the electrical power to electrical circuits.

The academy is open to students Entering the 8th Grade in the Fall 2022 or have just completed 8th Grade Spring 2022.