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Campus Security – Enid

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Northern Oklahoma College and the Office of Student Affairs are dedicated to enhancing the opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to participate in the educational experience by helping to provide a safe, protected, and orderly environment conducive to learning.  The safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors is of primary importance.  NOC Security personnel believe in providing proactive security enforcement and prompt friendly service to you and the College community.


Visitor Parking
Visitors to NOC Enid may park in designated stalls,which are located throughout campus.  Individuals may also receive a courtesy 24 hour parking permit in the Office of Student Affairs in the Everest Administrative Building.  See the campus map for all parking locations.

Student/Faculty/Staff Parking
It is the responsibility of each faculty, staff, and student, full-time or part-time, to obtain a student vehicle registration decal (residence hall or commuter) for each vehicle that the student plans to operate on cmapus.  This decal should be affixed above the safety inspection sticker on the left front windshield.  After you are registered into classes, stop by the Office of Student Affairs in the Everest Administrative Building to obtain the vehicle registration decal.

NOC Parking/Traffic Fines
Parking and traffic tickets are accumulated throughout the student’s academic career.  Both fines and violations are considered cumulative.  See the Guide to Student Rights and Responsibilities for the specific NOC Parking Traffic Policy.

 First Violation $5.00  Second Third Violations $10.00  Fourth Additional Violations $20.00  Handicapped Parking Violation $25.00  Moving Violations $25.00