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Distance Learning (ITV)

Currently NOC has 18 Interactive Television (ITV) classrooms throughout the three campuses. NOC also has outfitted all of its non-ITV classrooms with Zoom technology, similar to ITV, which now enables students to connect to the classroom from anywhere internet service is available. The availability of this option for connecting to class is determined by the Academic Department and the instructor of the course. All of NOC’s classrooms are able to record audio and video of the class either locally or through the Zoom technology and make the recording available to students through NOC’s Learning Management System. Distance Learning enables many students from other higher education institutions, Technology Centers, Learning Centers, high schools and rural communities the opportunity to take classes at NOC.

To participate fully in courses utilizing the Zoom technology, it is highly recommended that users have Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, as well as a speakers (headset preferred) with a microphone, and a webcam. To determine if your computer also meets Zoom’s specifications, review the Zoom System Requirements.

Be advised, if your computer does not have the system requirements for Zoom, you may experience a degradation of audio and content. Zoom may lose tool functionality or not work at all.

All of NOC’s Event and Conference venues are equipped with the Zoom technology and every NOC employee is also able to utilize the Zoom technology. Conducting meetings, tutoring or just assisting students and parents virtually makes for an efficient and cost effective way to conduct business for the NOC community and the public.