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SMS Messaging

Emergency Alert Messaging

SMS messaging, also known as Short Messaging Service or Text Messaging is an additional method of communication that Northern Oklahoma College is using to communicate with its employees and enrolled students. SMS emergency messaging will be utilized by authorized college administrators to relay information for things such as emergency notification, campus closures, significant disruptions to campus operations, and any activities which pose a threat to public safety.

All employees and students are automatically enrolled in the campus emergency notification system using their contact information supplied during the application or hiring process. Individuals must ensure that their personal contact information held by the college is up to date with any changes. Students and employees may opt out or update their contact information for alerts via SMS by logging into myNOC.

Emergency text messaging is not the sole means of communicating an essential message or announcement. NOC’s emergency text messaging is supplemented by other means of communication, e.g. an email to ensure that all students and employees, including those without a mobile phone, receive the message.

All emergency messages are tagged with the appropriate identifier e.g., college or administrative Department so that the recipients of the alert text message can identify immediately where it originated.

All text messaging services or software utilized to communicate to the college’s students or employees must be approved by Northern Oklahoma College’s IT Department.