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Student Email

Email addresses consist of the “(username)”

When logging into your NOC Student Email, please use your Northern Access username (example:JDoe1234) and password when signing into your account.

To Forward your NOC Email to a Personal Email Account:

  • Go to the NOC homepage.
  • Under Student Links click on Student Email.
  • Log-on to Student Email using your full NOC email address and password.
  • Open Outlook.
  • Click the gear icon in the upper right for Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click “View all Outlook settings”.
  • In the Settings window that pops up, click Mail on the left and Forwarding in the middle.
  • Check “Enable forwarding”.
  • Type in your personal email address.
  • Check “Keep a copy of forwarded messages”.
  • Click Save in the upper right.
  • Have a test email sent to your NOC Student email address and confirm you receive it at your personal email address.

Setting Up Your Phone for Your NOC Email Account (Students):

Set Up Student Email in iOS

Set Up Student Email in Android

NOC Staff/Faculty Email Information:

Email Filtering Application

Your NOC IT Department recently implemented a new filtering application for our Email system.  Although this application is updated hourly of any new SPAM/Phishing emails to block, it does come with a feature that will allow you to add to its database of any emails that did get through their filter.

You do not need to add every email to its “Not Spam” category.  Only those that might have a non-standard address or you think might have the potential to be blocked due to prior issues should be added to the “Not Spam” option.

Please follow the steps below to install the feature that will allow you to submit SPAM/Phishing emails.  This feature is not currently available for Webmail.

This feature and the filtering application itself is for NOC PC’s only.  If you have any questions please contact the IT Help Desk.

Downloading Spam and Virus Firewall Plug-In

  • Close Microsoft Outlook
  • Open web browser and type in
  • On the Download page, click on Version 2.4.4 (.MSI) under Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall: Plug In for Microsoft Outlook
  • File will be downloaded to computer and a window will pop up with the file BsfOutlookAddIn-2.4.4, double click on the file.
  • Click Run (If you forgot to close Microsoft Outlook, it will ask you to do so now and you need to click Retry).
  • Click Next
  • Click I Accept the terms of the License Agreement
  • Click Next
  • Click Install
  • Click Finish
  • Open your Microsoft Outlook, now appearing on your toolbar are two envelope icons: one red, one green. The red envelope has a cross on it and the green envelope has a checkmark on it. The red envelope icon is used for marking an email as Spam, the green envelope is used to mark an email as Not Spam.