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Enrollment for OSU Students at NOC

OSU students wanting to enroll in Summer 2021 and/or Fall 2021 courses at NOC Stillwater can do so online beginning Monday, April 26th, IF they have been cleared for enrollment through NOC registration.  In order to be cleared to enroll, students who have previously taken classes at any of our NOC campuses DO NOT need to fill out the NOC online application. They simply need to complete the OSU Student Enrollment Form and upload the corresponding documents.  If students have never taken classes at any of our NOC campuses, they will need to complete the NOC online application before completing the OSU Student Enrollment Form. Once students have been cleared, a notification will be sent to their OSU email address containing instructions for online enrollment.  Please be aware that only classes taken in-person at NOC Stillwater will be included in the block rate for tuition and billed through OSU.  Any online courses DO NOT fall within the block rate for tuition and will be billed through NOC.