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Student Disability Services

Vineyard Library-Administration Building
 Counseling Department
 1220 E. Grand Avenue
 Tonkawa, OK 74653

University Counseling Services
 Oklahoma State University
 315 Student Union
 Stillwater, OK 74078

Northern Oklahoma College is committed to providing support services to eligible students with documented disabilities. Student Disability Services at NOC is guided by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Students with disabilities who desire to access services shall initiate their request by contacting Student Disability Services (SDS). The SDS office is located in the Counseling Department in the Everest Administration Building. During the meeting, students will have the opportunity to discuss their disability-related or academic needs with a counselor.

Services must be requested by the student in writing each semester. Students should complete a Service Request Form (SRF) to initiate their request. For best outcomes, students are highly encouraged to complete the SRF at the earliest possible opportunity.

Each student is encouraged to act as his/her own advocate and has the primary responsibility for securing assistance. Early and regular contact with SDS will help ensure the timely identification and provision of services and accommodations.

Northern Oklahoma CollegeStudent Disability Services Handbook