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The Miss NOC Scholarship Pageant

Entry fee for Miss America Organization

A candidate must raise an annual fee of $39.99 by Wednesday, September 20th

New Step One Registration Page:

The previous Jotform Step One Registration form has been disabled. Please note that the new registration for potential members/contestants can be found on the Miss America website.

See dropdown and “Start Here”.

Please watch the following video for a rundown on the new process and how it works!

This is “New Step One Registration

Due: Wednesday, October 4th by 3 pm

  1. Candidate/Parent Address Information Form
  2. Interview Fact Sheet (instructions and sample included)
  3. CSI (instructions included) *This MUST be signed!
  4. Candidate Fillable contract (We will email document, please print off and sign.) Use Adobe Reader for fillable contract! This is a long contract so please start early.
  5. $39.99 entry fee for Miss America Organization (Due Wednesday, September 20th by 3 pm)
  6. Birth Certificate
  7. NOC Transcript
  8. Miss NOC Handbook Read and Sign (Will be provided at meeting.)


Shannon Varner – Tonkawa – 580.628.6365