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About the Program

Our Mission

With an understanding that all individuals have worth and potential, we are committed to student learning and success. Using personal interaction, rigorous instruction and innovative technologies, we strive to provide high quality, accessible nursing education that prepares a safe, competent nurse who is committed to compassion, critical thinking and lifelong learning.

Our Philosophy

The nursing faculty views a client as a holistic being in a continuous state of development. The client may be the individual, family, or groups with a common purpose. Each client possesses intrinsic worth, unique needs, abilities, rights, and is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. It is the right of the client to make decisions to achieve an optimal level of health.

The Northern Nursing Program has 3 locations: Tonkawa, Enid and Stillwater

Tonkawa Campus: Nursing Division; Renfro Center; 1409 E Grand, Box 310; Tonkawa, OK 74653 Telephone: 580.628-6679 Fax: 580.628-6674.

Enid Location: Nursing Division; Zollar’s Hall; 100 S University Ave, Box 2300; Enid, OK 73702 Telephone: 580.628-6679 Fax: 580.548-2214.

Stillwater Location: Nursing Division; NOC Classroom Building, 615 N. Monroe; Stillwater, OK 74075 Telephone: 580.628-6679 Fax: 405.744-7965.

We have a rich history of the nursing program since its inception in 1971 with 46 students enrolled in the first nursing class in Tonkawa. In 1994, the program expanded to the Enid site and in 2002, we expanded to Stillwater. We are able to offer the nursing program to all 3 locations via interactive television (ITV) and onsite live instruction. Approximately 150 students are in attendance yearly.