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Faces of Business Alumni

“I struggled to find my place in this world and began asking myself the big questions, “Who am I?” “What do I want to be?”

–  Victor Hernandez


“I gained much more than just a degree from NOC. I gained lifelong friends, mentors and a passion to change the world.”

–  Clay Hammock


“I never imagined when I was a student here at NOC that I would have a career here. It has been a pleasure working with students all these years and seeing them grow both personally and academically.”

–  Dr. Edwin Vineyard




“I am forever grateful for the wonderful experience that provides the underpinning for my continued education. My involvement with Northern early on has also influenced my general affection for education.”

–  Grady Conrad


“My experience at NOC was life changing…. Because I had such an incredible experience at NOC, I continued to take classes on their campus instead of taking them at OSU. I felt so comfortable and at home with the faculty and the rest of the staff that it was hard to enroll in classes that weren’t offered by NOC.”

–  Garrett Sullivan

“Its always great to encourage someone and see them succeed. I figure if you have knowledge, somebody shared it with you. Why not share it with sombody else?”

–  Claudio Ferrer